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Ron Paul vs Ed Schultz

Even is you don’t support Ron Paul you have to love how he stands up to and slams this flaming Socialist Ed Schultz. Advertisements

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Banks Bulldoze Cleveland Homes

Rather than allowing for the overinflated housing market to correct itself, bankers have chosen to bulldoze the repossessed homes to keep prices…overinflated. “The idea is that a bank donates a foreclosed home and possibly even pays for its demolition. One … Continue reading

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Portman Vows Continued Support to Crony Green Industry

Senator Rob Portman was in Toledo today vowing to make sure the citizens’ tax dollars keep coming to a select number of private companies and 13 state universities engaged in “green” research. He follows in the footsteps of former Governor … Continue reading

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Kasich Passes Bob Evans $11.8 Million in Corporate Welfare

With all the fighting going on in Ohio over Senate Bill 5, what is Kasich thinking when he offered the Bob Evans Restaurant (Public, NASDAQ:BOBE) $11.8 million in tax incentives? It’s pork alright, but not sausage; it’s more like corporate … Continue reading

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