Portman Vows Continued Support to Crony Green Industry

Senator Rob Portman was in Toledo today vowing to make sure the citizens’ tax dollars keep coming to a select number of private companies and 13 state universities engaged in “green” research. He follows in the footsteps of former Governor Ted Strickland, and state Senators Bill Harris  and Jon Husted, who made sure the group received 10 million in 2010, along with the other millions  that have been spent on the failed Third Frontier program.

Taxing the citizen’s income and then handing it over to a private corporation isn’t the surest way to create jobs,  it’s been the surest way to ruin a state and country. The only way we can encourage growth is to get government out of the way of entrepreneurship and innovation, remove the regulations inhibiting business, stop wasteful government spending that takes money away from the private sector, reduce the size of government, and eliminate income tax on business and reduce the tax burden on the citizen.

If Portman, Husted, Harris and Strickland had learned these small number of facts maybe Ohio wouldn’t be 48th in the country in all economic categories.

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