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Postpone Mitchel Interview

I won’t be conducting the interview today with John Mitchel former congressional candidate concerning the shenanigans in Greene and Montgomery Counties over BRAC. I’ll post when we set the next date. Advertisements

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Duffy on SB 5 and Torture; Does The End Justify the Means

Host Brian Duffy commented upon the heightened atmosphere of government in this neo-Machiavellianism age, which can be seen in Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 and in the enhanced integration techniques (torture) being used by the Federal Government. The podcast.

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Boehner’s Catholic Critics Rush to Protect Welfare State

This is a great commentary by Father Robert A. Sirico, of The Acton Institute, concerning the attack launched by supposed “Catholic academics” against Rep. John Boehner’s effort to reduce government spending. This quote, which is found toward the end, is … Continue reading

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Most “Livable Cities” are the Least Religious

Not surprising the most “livable cities” are the least religious. The Financial Times today carried an interesting piece swiping at lists of “most livable cities,” noting the extent to which such lists are compiled by yuppies for yuppies: “Most of … Continue reading

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Portman Vows Continued Support to Crony Green Industry

Senator Rob Portman was in Toledo today vowing to make sure the citizens’ tax dollars keep coming to a select number of private companies and 13 state universities engaged in “green” research. He follows in the footsteps of former Governor … Continue reading

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The Farm Bill is Straight Up Welfare, But Not for the Farmer

It’s tough to see it any other way, but when you consider the attached chart created by the folks at Our Ohio, the farmer is getting very little in the farm bill. I can’t think of any other sector of … Continue reading

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Should metal detectors be installed at the Statehouse and at other state buildings?

The Columbus Dispatch wants to know today if metal detectors should be installed in the State House. I say no; this is a tactic the “political class” uses to distance themselves from the citizens. Also this is an extension of … Continue reading

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