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New “Safety Cameras” Installed In Columbus

…now they’re called “safety cameras;” how Orwellian. Advertisements

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Rep Chabot’s Police State Tactic; the One Party Template

  I’ll have some comments later, but I hope the folks over at ProgressOhio, where this video is posted, realize this is the template they helped create right along with the neocons.

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Tasers Are A Gift That Keeps On Giving

After the second death resulting from Taser use by police in the last 18 months, Cincinnati police say they’ll continue to use the “tool.” Baaaaa!

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Podcast: Mr. Augie on Raw Milk

Host Brian Duffy interviewed David “Augie” Augenstein about “raw milk.” Augie discussed how pasteurization became law through out the US in the 1920s; the food freedom movement; the liberty and religious aspects of raw milk; Louis Pasture’s regret of milk … Continue reading

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Podcast: Price on Privatizing Prisons

Professor Byron Price, Associate Professor, Texas Southern University, Department of Political Science, BJ-ML School of Public Affairs, Houston, Texas, discussed prison privatization and the significant number of issues surrounding this controversial public policy on The Ohio Public Square. Professor Price … Continue reading

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Sen Brown to Increase Police State through War on Drugs

Senator Sherrod Brown (Democrat) released a statement calling for special “tactical diversion squads” to be created in Ohio to arrest prescription drug offenders and increased federal law enforcement operations to “combat” methamphetamine labs. Now is not the time to retreat … Continue reading

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