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Ron Paul vs Ed Schultz

Even is you don’t support Ron Paul you have to love how he stands up to and slams this flaming Socialist Ed Schultz. Advertisements

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2011 Ohio Pawpaw Festival

The 2011 Ohio Pawpaw Festival is this weekend at Lake Snowden outside of Athens near Albany. This year looks to be one of the most informative with a fair amount of great activities and best of all, more microbrewery participation! … Continue reading

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Why the Farm Bill Matters to Rent Seekers

The federal farm bill is in the news again and the rent seekers are making the pitch for the federal government to get big agriculture out and put sustainable rent seekers in: basically the food activists want the money the … Continue reading

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What Does This Executive Order Mean for Rural Ohio?

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Organic Farm in Salem Recognized by State

From WKBN; A farm in Salem is being recognized as one of the most sustainable and organic farms in the state of Ohio. And on Tuesday, the public got a chance to see exactly why during a free tour. The … Continue reading

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Podcast: Mr. Augie on Raw Milk

Host Brian Duffy interviewed David “Augie” Augenstein about “raw milk.” Augie discussed how pasteurization became law through out the US in the 1920s; the food freedom movement; the liberty and religious aspects of raw milk; Louis Pasture’s regret of milk … Continue reading

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Mr. Augie on Raw Milk

I will interview David “Mr. Augie” Augenstein, writer and editor of Living Foods, about “raw milk” tonight Thursday, June 9th, at 6:00 PM on The Ohio Public Square Radio Show. We’ll discuss the myths surrounding this seemingly insignificant issue that … Continue reading

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