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Congratulations to The Ohio Project Volunteers

Congratulations to The Ohio Project volunteers for garnering over 444,000 signatures TO FIGHT OBAMA CARE and doing what the Ohio Republican Party FAILED TO DO! Advertisements

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Podcast: Mr. Augie on Raw Milk

Host Brian Duffy interviewed David “Augie” Augenstein about “raw milk.” Augie discussed how pasteurization became law through out the US in the 1920s; the food freedom movement; the liberty and religious aspects of raw milk; Louis Pasture’s regret of milk … Continue reading

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Mr. Augie on Raw Milk

I will interview David “Mr. Augie” Augenstein, writer and editor of Living Foods, about “raw milk” tonight Thursday, June 9th, at 6:00 PM on The Ohio Public Square Radio Show. We’ll discuss the myths surrounding this seemingly insignificant issue that … Continue reading

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Podcast: Augenstein on Fluoridation

David “Augie” Augenstein discussed the effects of fluoridation within our water supply and the recent findings by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on The Ohio Public Square. The Podcast. Readings and Links related to this podcast: Journal of Living … Continue reading

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