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Ron Paul vs Ed Schultz

Even is you don’t support Ron Paul you have to love how he stands up to and slams this flaming Socialist Ed Schultz. Advertisements

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Eight Questions for Protectionists

Dan Mitchell has great blog post that clearly delineates between free trade and protectionism. I’d say Rob Portman’s latest vote can be explained by point number 6.

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New “Safety Cameras” Installed In Columbus

…now they’re called “safety cameras;” how Orwellian.

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Economic Freedom & Quality of Life: So What’s Wrong in Ohio

The video explains what economic freedom is and why it’s key to improving society, so what ‘s going on in Ohio when we are 48th the 50 United States? The answer is government or the amount of government. If we … Continue reading

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OLC Digs Statist Heels in Deeper

Below is a statement from Chris Littleton posted on the Ohio Liberty Counsel’s Facebook page, but not on their anchor site, in response to my protest. “From Chris Littleton, Co-Founder and former President of OLC – Tom Z has been … Continue reading

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OLC’s Response

I received an email response from Tom Zawistowski, President, Ohio Liberty Council. I posted it for readers and will comment this evening. I do appreciate the response. Dear Brian, I would like to take this opportunity to followup on the … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Ohio Tea Parties and Liberty Groups

Yesterday the Ohio Liberty Council’s (OLC) President Tom Zawistowski issued a statement endorsing Sen. Rob Portman’s (R) appointment to the “Super Congress.” For anyone to endorse such a move strikes at the heart of our “republican” form of government, Constitution, … Continue reading

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