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Issue 2 Prediction

I’m making a prediction; Issue 2 will fail, overturning SB5 this election. The reason is because the left has gained the high ground in the battle of public opinion using class warfare to beat the bill. The bill was poorly … Continue reading

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Kasich’s Leadership Falters as Union Gains Upper Hand

Back in February I stated that Ohio SB 5 was tactual blunder made by the Ohio Republicans and looks like after these last few months to be spot on as we see Kasich losing the upper hand and the unions … Continue reading

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Duffy on SB 5 and Torture; Does The End Justify the Means

Host Brian Duffy commented upon the heightened atmosphere of government in this neo-Machiavellianism age, which can be seen in Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 and in the enhanced integration techniques (torture) being used by the Federal Government. The podcast.

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SB 5: A qualified endorsement

Harold Thomas, who writes at The Ohio Republic, has some thoughts concerning Senate Bill 5, which I believe are well worth reading. Mr. Thomas is a state civil servant and a strident libertarian. Here’s the last paragraph: Bottom line: the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts Concerning SB 5

While I agree with the intent of Senate Bill (SB) 5, I know it’s not the cure-all that will reduce the size of Ohio’s massive budget deficit; and I also question the timing of the bill. Tactically I have to … Continue reading

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