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Gahanna Police Using Big Brother Playbook

Taking a tactic from Big Brother’s playbook, the Gahanna Police Department regularly goes through data from American Electric Power and other utilities to “root out marijuana growers.” So if you’ve exceeded a certain level of electricity or water, Lil’ Big … Continue reading

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Husted’s Plan Leads Ohio Down the Road to Eventual Tyranny

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted unveiled his new plan to adopt an online form of voter registration. This without a doubt, this first online step, will lead Ohio to political tyranny as the next step will be online voting. … Continue reading

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Podcast: Steve Berecek on Agenda 21 in Ohio

Steve (Tumbleweed) Berecek of the Ohio Freedom Alliance (OFA) discussed the influence of Agenda 21 in the Cleveland area and Ohio, and his work to call attention to the unconstitutional agreements county and local politicians have signed with ICLEI (International … Continue reading

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Before the Next Whining Begins

As Senate Bill 5 goes down in a flame, I wonder what we can expect from Buckeyes in two weeks when the Governor Kasich unveils his budget. Well I hope for one thing the citizens of Ohio take notice of … Continue reading

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One More Brick in the $14.5 Trillion Wall

Here’s a great example highlighting the cause of our 14.5 Trillion deficit, senseless spending: U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said $4,332,247 has been awarded to the Cleveland Fire Department and Cuyahoga Heights Fire Department by the U.S. Department of Homeland … Continue reading

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SB 5: A qualified endorsement

Harold Thomas, who writes at The Ohio Republic, has some thoughts concerning Senate Bill 5, which I believe are well worth reading. Mr. Thomas is a state civil servant and a strident libertarian. Here’s the last paragraph: Bottom line: the … Continue reading

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World Over 02-17-2011

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