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Ron Paul vs Ed Schultz

Even is you don’t support Ron Paul you have to love how he stands up to and slams this flaming Socialist Ed Schultz. Advertisements

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For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty

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Eight Questions for Protectionists

Dan Mitchell has great blog post that clearly delineates between free trade and protectionism. I’d say Rob Portman’s latest vote can be explained by point number 6.

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Josh Mandel Stepford Politician

It’s going to be hard for Mandel to hide his families ties to the Democrat Party machine and hopefully more light is shone because this candidacy is not good for Ohio nor the US Senate. Mandel’s another example that indicates … Continue reading

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Liberal Media Laying Groundwork for Portman’s Ascent

The ground work is being laid for UBER CONGRESS member Rob Portman’s rise to higher office, however I’d say that Portman typifies what’s wrong with the Republican Party, namely statism. Portman was Bush’s budget point man that helped get us … Continue reading

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Portman Does What Portman Does Well, Screwing America

Well Portman voted for swift passage for yet another “free trade” bill that will take jobs out of America. See the vote here: You gotta know that when Obama is championing something it can’t be good for America; you would … Continue reading

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A History of Socialism in the US

This is a great video that every American needs to learn. It provides highlights of all the major socialist programs that have been supplanted within our Republic.

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