Ohio Channel Presents : Senate Bill 5: Yes or No?

See the video here.

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Empty Planning by Columbus Rent Seekers

Columbus bureaucrats are spending your tax dollars to lure baby boomers into the city. However data from The Reason Institute shows baby boomers want nothing to do with the failing infrastructure cities offer. But the City of Columbus servants keep thinking they can “plan” your lives as if your desires don’t matter.

Also you’ll note this unelected group, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, which are rent seeking leeches, take our tax dollars and provide jobs for future politicians and never produce anything but debt.

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Should Ohio eliminate the state Senate and become an unicameral legislative body?

I posed this question on Facebook and Twitter: Should Ohio eliminate the state Senate and become an unicameral legislative body? I say yes, the cost savings would be well worth it and since the Senate has the same constituency as the House they serve no purpose. What do you think?

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Unemployed Strickland Sees No Options Other Than Government

An unemployed Ted Strickland sees his only option in life is to stay on the government teat…much like Mike DeWine.

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Eight Questions for Protectionists

Dan Mitchell has great blog post that clearly delineates between free trade and protectionism. I’d say Rob Portman’s latest vote can be explained by point number 6.

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Different Sides to the Same Coin

This headline from The Columbus Dispatch sums up our political situation in Ohio:

Kasich appoints Brunner to facilities commission

Is there any question whether the “two main” parties are really just different sides to the same coin?

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Josh Mandel Stepford Politician

It’s going to be hard for Mandel to hide his families ties to the Democrat Party machine and hopefully more light is shone because this candidacy is not good for Ohio nor the US Senate.

Mandel’s another example that indicates the failing of the Ohio Republican Party; cookie cutter Stepford political hacks who have no core ideals or norms, only the quest for political power. He follows in the line of folks like Voinovich, Austria, Boehner, Husted, DeWine, etc….this list goes on for miles.

I said it before; the ORP offers nothing worth voting for right now for the US Senate, which will ensure Brown gets re-elected.

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