Race for US Senate Seat is a Nonevent

This is what The Dispatch is saying about the race for Ohio’s US Senate seat:

When the two candidates stop pretending and start running for real, the race will be raucous, political experts agree, because at stake is control of the Senate. Currently, Democrats hold 51 seats and Republicans hold 47. Two senators are independents. Republicans need four seats to take the majority and, just like in the presidential race, the outcome could hinge on Ohio.

I disagree, there’s no race here. The Ohio Republican Party (ORP) is running a non-candidate and is essentially throwing the race for Brown. Brown will win, and Mandel will have only wasted his wife’s money, along with some gullible ORP contributors, while moving up in the little pecking order the career politicians at the ORP have created.

Unfortunately there is too much collusion between republicans and democrats in our state. They play this cat and mouse game in front of us, but behind the scenes they chart one agenda and along the way make sure both sides of the coin get an equal place at the banquet table to gorge their political appetite.

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