Portman Does What Portman Does Well, Screwing America

Well Portman voted for swift passage for yet another “free trade” bill that will take jobs out of America.

See the vote here:

You gotta know that when Obama is championing something it can’t be good for America; you would think, right? Can we look back and see how supporting NAFTA worked really well for the American worker too?

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4 Responses to Portman Does What Portman Does Well, Screwing America

  1. Ohio’s economy is actually greatly enhanced by trade; from agriculture to manufacturing. Try and find a non union sponsored study that shows trade harms workers. Ohio manufactures more goods now than at any time in its history. It just does it more efficiently and effectively and so with fewer workers.

    • Brian Duffy says:

      Kevin, explain to me how NAFTA, CAFTA and the like have been good for Ohio? Even the Libertarian Peter Schiff is against this because he sees what this is, crony capitalism. Global companies are going to benefit from cheap labor. In order to trade goods you must produce goods. If we have nothing to produce how then do we trade when more jobs go overseas?

      Explain to me why the majority of Senate Republicans voted against this and why Portman supported the Democrats? I understand your job is to carry water for the ORP. That’s great; it pays your bills and puts food on the plate. But Portman’s record is clear, he is pure statist through and through and as such I offer him no quarter.

  2. JoeP says:

    Portman signed with the democrats and was willing to see US jobs overseas and at the same time increasing the entitlements Obama wanted.

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