Portman Carries the Water for Greenies Again

S.1000 – Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2011 or the “energy savings plan” co-sponsored by Senator Rob Portman (R) is a marvel of Byzantine bureaucracy. It’s 280 pages of more regulations and spending, and more “green” water carrying by Portman.

Hasn’t congress screwed up the economy enough through their meddling in miniscule matters, most of which should be left to the citizens to decide what they’ll purchase (low flush toilets and faulty fluorescent light bulbs come to mind). Do we really need more regulations about hairdriers, dishwashers, home construction, HVAC, etc? Do we need more studies to be conducted by the legions of bureaucrats that make six figure salaries in DC while 90 percent of America struggles? Absolutely not.

Why are we focused on saving energy when we should be focused on energy production. Congress is spending all this time making sure we squeeze a nano-watt of electricity out of a refrigerator yet we are building too few, if any, new power plants to replace the aged and inefficient ones we have today. Yet around the world developing nations like China and India are building new ones every day. Isn’t this backwards?

Why is Congress walking in lock step with the EPA and preventing more coal exploration and the building of coal burning plants, yet helped the Obama Administration funnel billions of dollars into the scam “green” company Solyndra? Again, isn’t this backwards?

Folks, this bill isn’t going to provide a savings for anyone. All it will do is drive the cost of new home construction and appliances up, while ignoring the real need, energy production and at the same time furthering governments control over our lives. Write your congress-critter today and tell them to vote no on this industrial strangulation act, and also remember who’s carrying the green bucket once again.

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