Issue 2 Prediction

I’m making a prediction; Issue 2 will fail, overturning SB5 this election. The reason is because the left has gained the high ground in the battle of public opinion using class warfare to beat the bill. The bill was poorly written and executed, however as bad as it is, it should be passed, though the single biggest reason is to provide school districts with the means necessary to get rid of bad teachers; tenure needs to be broken and ended.

However the focus has been set upon the fire, police and EMTs and their pensions and salaries, which in this time of economic trouble should have been a secondary issue, or better yet introduced in a separate bill after correcting the problems caused by the teachers unions. But the ORP (Ohio Republican Party) once again played a poor hand and so I predict Issue 2 will fail and as a result any real chance of getting control of the detrimental teachers unions will be lost for some time to come.

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