Why the Farm Bill Matters to Rent Seekers

The federal farm bill is in the news again and the rent seekers are making the pitch for the federal government to get big agriculture out and put sustainable rent seekers in: basically the food activists want the money the big corporations get in corporate welfare so they can get the word out through government grant programs (another form of government welfare) that promote Communist Chinese and medieval farming methods, which many of the foodies believe is key for the rebirth of small and mid size farming (they worked wonderfully for Zimbabwe).

The truth of the matter is that while the big agricultural companies do receive a loins share of money, the majority of the farm bill goes to welfare entitlement programs.Yet if you talk to most farmers today, myself included, most want government to get rid of the regulations that are holding folks back from growth, like being able to process animals on farms, preventing the selling of raw milk and dairy products, the bureaucratic manipulation of farmers markets, and host of other damaging programs like “Country of Origin” to name a few.

If we want to help the farmer then get rid of the farm bill and save America some money, then remove the burdensome regulations that are strangling our country.

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