What Planet is Kasich On?

I can’t even say I believe even half of what he said in this FOXNews interview. While I want limited government and fiscal responsibility I just don’t see what Kasich says to be correct. There is no way on God’s green earth he even remotely cleaned up our state government. Come on!

No the way I see it Kasich is using the tired old GOP template of quick fixes and lots of hype. Let’s face it, anything he said he did in the video is only a small fraction of what he should be ramming through the General Assembly. But the problem is, like our country, our legislative body is flat on their collective asses. Remember, it’s the Ohio Republican Party that is flat on their asses, just as they were when Strickland was governor.


Update: Watch this video from my previous posting and you tell me if Ohio is where she needs to be.

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