Kasich’s Leadership Falters as Union Gains Upper Hand

Back in February I stated that Ohio SB 5 was tactual blunder made by the Ohio Republicans and looks like after these last few months to be spot on as we see Kasich losing the upper hand and the unions gaining the strong hold in this fight.

I predict that Kasich will continue to lose credibility with Ohioans because he lacks a consistent message and vision. You can’t fight the unions one day and then take Obama-Care monies the next. Eventually the base is going to walk away, something I think we should do right now.

The way we walk away is to clean house in the General Assembly and get new folks in that will corral Kasich. But I know there are those out there that wear their party emblem on their sleeve and will continue to look away. But for the rest of the Ohio electorate, we need to acknowledge Kasich is not a limited and small government type, his track record in Congress highlights this. So we can wait for his term to end and be offered a Strickland/Taft facsimile or we can do as I stated earlier and clean house in the General Assembly and start climbing out of this whole the ORP and ODP have dug.

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