OLC Digs Statist Heels in Deeper

Below is a statement from Chris Littleton posted on the Ohio Liberty Counsel’s Facebook page, but not on their anchor site, in response to my protest.

“From Chris Littleton, Co-Founder and former President of OLC – Tom Z has been getting some flack for this post, and I wanted take two seconds to address the criticism. First, the OLC is not the GOP, nor will it ever be. Watch our actions, not people’s opinions for evidence of this fact.

‘Second, Tom’s intent in making that statememt was not to endorse the committee or Portman, it was merely to say – we are happy Portman is on the committee in lieu of a Senator from any other state, where we would have no ability for Ohio citizens to lobby for the best possible outcomes from the committee.

“This is both logical and insightful.

“None of us would have created that committee, and once created – we would have loved to have seen Rand Paul, Mike Lee or someone else closer to our value system chosen. But, they werent. That was never an option.

” So, with the existing circumstances, would you rather have potential access to a committee member or not?

“Again, the logical conclusion is that we would like to be in the best possible position to affect policy in favor of liberty, and with Portman being chosen – that is the case.

“To restate one more time, this is not an endorsement of any part or person in this debaucle known as the debt debate, but when handed lemons – lets try to make some lemonade.

“Thanks to Tom Z for recognizing this and engaging in the right way.

“Viva la Revolucion!

“Chris Littleton
Co-Founder, Ohio Liberty Council”

The logic again escapes me; why would anyone even remotely endorse something that is unconstitutional. Does anyone out there really believe Mike Lee, Rand or Ron Paul would have accepted a nomination to the Super Congress? Come on, no way, not in a million years. Just reading their writing in the past weeks, they spell it out better than I could ever. IT FREAKING UNDERMINES OUR GOVERNMENT AND IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The thing Tom Z should have done after the fact would have been to withdraw the endorsement and strike it up to stupidity. I think I could relate to that, but instead the OLC and Tom Z keep digging their heels in deeper.

If this event is any indicator of the level of understanding of basic constitutional issues from “Ohio’s liberty” leadership, then we are truly in deep trouble.

I’ve spent too much of time arguing. I find that I am a minority in my thinking among many of the supposed liberty folks in Ohio so I won’t belabor this any further.

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2 Responses to OLC Digs Statist Heels in Deeper

  1. I feel your pain, brother.

  2. Brian Duffy says:

    While I am disappointed with the OLC, I am even more disappointed with the OFA that has chosen to put the issue off until “after the elections.” But I can say that my county Tea Party did fire off a letter to Tom Z decrying the unconstitutional Super Congress and his dense decision to praise the Portman appointment.

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