Open Letter to Ohio Tea Parties and Liberty Groups

Yesterday the Ohio Liberty Council’s (OLC) President Tom Zawistowski issued a statement endorsing Sen. Rob Portman’s (R) appointment to the “Super Congress.” For anyone to endorse such a move strikes at the heart of our “republican” form of government, Constitution, and liberty. The Super Congress is more than building the foundation of tyranny; it is the very act of tyranny.

I would ask all Ohio based liberty groups to consider issuing a statement that would: 1. Condemn the Super Congress; 2. Call for Sen. Rob Portman to step down from the position; 3. Reject and condemn any “liberty” group that uses liberty as its banner then supports tyranny.

I would also ask that upon considering this request that you forward the request to other county, city and township Tea Party-9/12 leaders and Liberty groups and ask the same. This is not to say that the Tea Parties and Liberty groups need to be involved in silly Republican Party politics; on the contrary it is asking groups that stands for liberty to address a grievous act committed against liberty and to shine the light on those that blatantly harm it.

Lastly, I am asking all liberty groups affiliated with the OLC to call for a no confidence vote in Tom Zawistowski because clearly this man does not understand the place of liberty in our community, state and nation, and thus is not fit to lead Ohio’s liberty groups.

I hope you will consider this request.

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