Boehner’s Catholic Critics Rush to Protect Welfare State

This is a great commentary by Father Robert A. Sirico, of The Acton Institute, concerning the attack launched by supposed “Catholic academics” against Rep. John Boehner’s effort to reduce government spending. This quote, which is found toward the end, is spot on:

The specifics of the 2012 Budget proposed by the Speaker and his colleagues are, the letter’s authors contend, the result of either ignorance or “dissent.” I think they are neither; they simply reflect a different, and in many people’s estimation, more accurate and economically-informed way, of proposing how we achieve worthy goals. Indeed, it could be said that what these Catholic academicians are proposing is not a “preferential option for the poor,” but rather a preferential option for the State. They make the unfortunately common error of assuming that concern for the economically weak and marginalized must somehow translate into (yet another) government program.

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