Some Democrats Complain about HB 159

Lisa Renee, Glass City Jungle, posted a few of complaints from Democrat politicians concerning the passage of HB 159, “Ohio Fair and Secure Elections Act,” (unfortunately not nearly enough spoke out) and their complaints are correct, but they miss the forest for the tree. That’s because the identification requirement hurts their constituents, which you can assume Republican Husted intended to do in the first place, yet the whole bill is meant to help the political parties at the expense of the citizen’s right to have a transparent and just voting process. I’ll say it one more time; anytime the voting process involves the use electronic devices and the use of the internet it becomes ripe for hacking, or I should use the correct term, cyber-attack exploitation.

But as long we Ohioans continue to believe their party of choice is looking out for their best interest we’ll continue to be taken advantage of by these parties and politicians. Keeping to a set principles in life is the most prudent thing one can do to live virtuously. That also goes for how we elect fellow citizens to office. We must elect the individual based upon their ideals and norms not the blanket party rhetoric. (Does anyone really think Husted is a virtuous politician after the stunts he’s pulled in the last few years, or how about DeWine, Taft, Voinovich, Strickland or Kasich for that matter?)

Ohioans are not going to get a fair and secure election if the Senate passes this bill. What we are going to get is endless problems and gerrymandering. This is why the Republic of Germany considers e-voting unconstitutional and we should too, but unfortunately Ohioans keep voting for the silly left verses right paradigm instead of liberty and freedom.

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