Cleaning House at ODE

I posted a number of comments on Twitter today about the Ohio Department of Education and education reform in Ohio. Here are a few:

Why are there so many retired school superintendents receiving double pensions? ODE is loaded with failed retired school superintendents!

Ohio’s regional school superintendents are the same FAILED local schools superintendents double dipping!

Why do we need school superintendents with PhDs when 20 years ago a Masters was fine and we had better schools?

How much do PhDs in our school systems cost the taxpayers? Are the over inflated really needed to run good schools; history says no.

Are school Principles the “worst” teachers or the “wise sages” of education; research indicates the worst.

Before Ohio schools have to slash budgets Kasich needs to clean house at ODE and get rid of the ‘double dippers’ and duplicate layers.

Ohio Department of Education needs to be “tightly” streamed lined and rid of dense bureaucracy created by the ODP and ORP cronyism.

Clearly, before we start telling teachers they need to take pay cuts Kasich needs to clean house in Columbus at ODE first.

On another note, I find the “tweeting” actually enjoyable.

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  1. John Mitchel says:

    Brian, do we have an appointment this week to record an audio blog post?


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