Raw Milk Legislation in Nine States

Pete Kennedy writing in Food Freedom outlines the legislation being considered in nine states that would permit the sale of raw milk.

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to a veterinarian from The Ohio State University that made the case against raw milk; but I was unswayed by his argument. The data presented by groups like The Weston A. Price Foundation speak to the benefits derived from raw milk that out way any health issues raised by the government.

There is a market out there for raw milk and cheese made from raw milk waiting for Ohio’s farmers; all we have to do is embrace limited government and individual choice; something sadly lacking Ohio too

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One Response to Raw Milk Legislation in Nine States

  1. grandpappymike says:

    Here in NY it is legal to sell raw milk directly from the farm. A small farm with 25 cows can go through 100 to 125 gallons of milk a day, turning away requests for more. That’s on a farm that’s a good hours drive north of NYC. Undoubtedly it helps that it sells for only $4 a gallon as opposed to places like in CA I hear that sell for up to $17 a gallon.

    A wise small farmer in Ohio could make a living off of selling raw milk. If he/she has some good grazing land and can grow some of their own feed to help with the feed bills. Doesn’t waste their money on fancy drugs and feed in hopes of creating super cows that give a thousand gallons of milk a day. Might not get rich, but should be able to pay all the bills and leave something of real value for the kids. Best of luck to you Ohio.

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