Before the Next Whining Begins

As Senate Bill 5 goes down in a flame, I wonder what we can expect from Buckeyes in two weeks when the Governor Kasich unveils his budget.

Well I hope for one thing the citizens of Ohio take notice of one little point that needs to be stressed before all the whining begins, and the red shirt socialists start causing problems; Ohio ranks 48th in the country economically and this is causing a steady migration of folks fleeing the state, who are our most productive age group, the 18-45 years old.

What does that mean for Ohio in the short and long term? We are left with a poor and aged population that has little hope of receiving some community based support, be it public or private; those young that are left are poorly educated and lack any skills necessary for Ohio to advance its economy; and for those businesses that remain will assuredly do one of three things in the next two years; leave Ohio, shut down, or downsize.

I’m not saying Kasich has all the answers; no, there we need to start holding the General Assembly accountable for our state’s depressed economy. But when hard decisions need to be acted upon, we don’t need any silly whining. We need to buck up and start realizing the state in which Celeste, Voinovich, Taft, Strickland, the ORP, and the ODP have created over the last 30 years is on life support and the plug is about to be pulled.

I know one thing, when the plug gets pulled a vacuum is going to be created and you can bet there will be more intrusion from the Federal Government in our lives if this occurs. I for one don’t want that. I want a state that is solvent, sovereign and prosperous; and I know that having more federal government involvement only means debt, misery, and being dirt poor. Take a look at every inner city that is joined at the hip with the Federal Government and there lies the model of the future for Ohio.

So before all the big whining and red shirt rallies begin, Ohioans need to ask themselves, are we ready to bite the bullet or stand in line and wait for a ration of government cheese.

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