SB 5: A qualified endorsement

Harold Thomas, who writes at The Ohio Republic, has some thoughts concerning Senate Bill 5, which I believe are well worth reading. Mr. Thomas is a state civil servant and a strident libertarian. Here’s the last paragraph:

Bottom line: the State employment system under collective bargaining is not fiscally sustainable, just as the automobile and steel industries were unable to maintain their union contracts. State employees are not giving up any “rights” that the great majority of workers in the State of Ohio would recognize. We are giving up a few privileges – privileges that the taxpayers of this state can no longer afford to support. I favor SB 5 because it is necessary, even though it will work against my short-term personal interest. However, I would like to see the General Assembly add the safeguards mentioned here to provide employee growth opportunities and to offer a minimal level of protection from managerial favoritism.

It’s difficult to know if SB 5 is going to be enacted, but my thoughts still remain the same; it’s a poor piece of legislation and the whole issue has been poorly handled by the Governor and the ORP. However, I do agree with Mr. Thomas’ appraisal for the need to correct the pension problem.

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