Some Thoughts Concerning SB 5

While I agree with the intent of Senate Bill (SB) 5, I know it’s not the cure-all that will reduce the size of Ohio’s massive budget deficit; and I also question the timing of the bill. Tactically I have to wonder if this was the best time to go after this issue; nevertheless I’ll leave that decision for now up to Kasich and Jones, it’s their show.

I do however support the right of any worker to strike, even though I would never willingly join a union and believe that anyone that does is giving up their position to negotiate for a higher wage based upon their own output, and not the collectives. But in a democratic society they should have that right.

Yet, if we really study the Ohio budget and look at the real problem we find it’s the cost of health care that has been the biggest budget problem for the last ten years. So unless Ohio politicians tackle this issue the state will continue to plunge deeper into the growing deficit.

Back to SB 5: it’s important to remember that while the various unions throughout the government sector, and not just the police, fire and teachers, who are receiving much of the criticism, but the administrators, secretaries, and maintenance personnel who have taken advantage of the citizenry, it was the elected politicians that made the backroom deals and alliances with the unions and then handed out over-the-top pensions. Folks, we are reaping the damage produced by generations of substandard politicians, and that my friends is what really needs to be changed if we are going to right this ship.

You can keep voting for Strickland, Taft, DeWine, Brown, or Voinovich, who tell you one thing and do another; who also tell you they’re on different teams yet they seem to act in very similar ways. Or you can start taking a different tack and voting for those folks that stand apart from the political norm. It’s our choice; however I don’t think that at the end of the day marginalizing folks in our community is going to fix the problem the political class created. Yes the public sector unions need to be condemned and go the way of the private sector unions, and yes these absurd pensions need to be corrected, but it’s the political class that needs the removed and replaced. Unless we start holding politicians feet to the fire and keeping our attention on them longer than the election cycle we are going to see the same thing happen in the future.

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